From the development of a management strategy to its implementation

Our real estate management focuses on 3 distinct and complementary services in order to sustainably improve the return on your property investments while taking into consideration your expectations, the characteristics of the properties and market developments.

Strategic advice begins with the statement of the owner’s financial objectives and ends, after several stages, with the development of a management strategy.

    Advice on real estate management aims on an ongoing basis to monitor the administration and to boost actions to improve the return so as to perpetuate the properties.

      Technical management comprises supervision of the works from their quantification and planning through to their final completion, on a sporadic basis.

        Are you undertaking works to enhance your asset? We assist you with the technical and legal aspects.

        • Legal studie
        • Technical studies
        • Financial studies
        • Setting priorities
        • List of actions to be undertaken
        • Planning
        • Search for representatives
        • Preparation of budgets
        • Follow-up/control (monitoring)
        • Reporting

        The management of your real estate portfolio requires a long-term vision, dedicated to your own needs. Its implementation is based on cross-disciplinary skills that are guaranteed by our thirty years of experience. We act as broker for the exclusive account of our clients and future clients.

        • Legal
        • Accounting
        • Financial
        • Fiscal
        *with the assistance of specialists if needed
        • Study of market prices
        • File creation
        • Handling offers
        • Negotiation
        • Monitoring of the notarial procedure

        No management of real estate assets is possible without rigorous and regular reporting, followed by an analysis of the available data. SwissRem relies on a management software developed internally and specially adapted to the needs of owners of investment properties.

        • Transfer and consolidation of management agency data
        • Management reporting
        • SAAS access to eMaverick ®, Swissrem management software
        • Analyses / benchmarking
        • Advice on operational optimisation

        The management of family properties requires particular expertise and sensitivity. The strategy for real estate assets takes on a special dimension when it can affect relations between family members. Loyalty, independence and neutrality are the key words.

        • Families put their trust in us in domains as diverse as construction, restructuring or management of their real estate assets – not to mention the equally important aspects represented by accounting, legal and fiscal questions, where confidentiality is paramount.
        • Family offices don’t wish to include in their team a group specialised in real estate management. They prefer to subcontract this aspect of their activities by entrusting us with specialised or longer-term mandates.

        Independence that Creates Value

        Management habits shaken up by independence and creativity

        Real estate management differs from the administration of properties through its constant quest for performance.

        It’s a stimulus for value enhancement that focuses on the owner’s expectations while respecting the specificities of his real estate assets and the particularities of the market.

        Priorities called into question







        The value of a revenue-generating property asset takes into account its physical state together with its social and financial components.

        Swiss Real Estate Management reverses the traditional order d of property management activities: les aspects financial and rental aspects are addressed on a priority basis with software specially developed for this purpose.


        By performance, we mean the result obtained both by increased revenues and capital gain. This implies that the quality of the object cannot be neglected in favour of short-term profits.

        Our understanding of transparency can be expressed as follows: "There is no reason for an owner not to know everything about the management of his asset".

        Pragmatism reminds us every day of the virtues of good sense and realism.


        Swiss Real Estate Management uses eMaverick®



        Pierre E. Michel, Founder and CEO

        Swiss, with a legal background, Pierre has 20 years of professional experience in the banking sector, including 5 years of general management, 17 years of pension fund management and in parallel over 10 years of real estate management. Having designed the business model of a major Swiss collective pension fund in 1997, he was responsible for an allocation of assets promoting dynamism in the management of the real estate portfolio.

        Jean-Baptiste Baezner, COO

        Swiss, a graduate of HEC Lausanne, Jean-Baptiste has had a career in banking and finance. At JP Morgan Suisse (Private Banking), he created the margin FX unit, then managed the advisory teams Europe (about 40 people). After supervising a family property business for a long period, Jean-Baptiste took the step of rejoining the real estate world on a professional basis in August 2014.

        Thomas Güntzer, Director

        A Swiss and German bi-national with a legal background, Thomas began his professional career in London in investment banking, private equity and family office management. Since 2005 he has been very active in the fields of construction and renewable energies, contributing to the development of several construction materials and components companies. He joined us at the beginning of 2018 to develop the Swiss-German clientele in particular.


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