Unique expertise

  • Specialists in real estate consultancy for private individuals and pension institutions (over 20 years of experience)
  • Recognised competence in developing and implementing real estate investment strategies suited to the owner’s risk profile.
  • Substantial experience in property administration
  • Proven expertise in planning and management real estate projects
  • Responsibility for property portfolios valued at over CHF 500 million
  • An independent limited company under Swiss law, domiciled in Geneva and managed by four partners with legal, economic and real estate backgrounds

Priority to the long term


Soft mobility is favoured. The use of bikes and public transport is recommended. Half-price travel cards are offered to staff who so wish. In exercising our mandates, we propose as far as possible alternative solutions that go beyond the strict legal obligations that facilitate the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Company :

The comfort of the staff and the provision of a harmonious working environment are constant preoccupations on the part of the management. From our point of view, no measure is more effective than that which promotes a working atmosphere that is both pleasant, calm and stimulating.

In support of this our contractual work conditions provide staff with one week of annual vacation in addition to the legal amount. The bridge between Christmas and New Year is offered, as well as the Friday of Ascension. Contributions to the pension fund are made in the ratio 60-40% employers-employees. Teleworking is encouraged in activities that permit this.

Governance :

Our business model has as its primary objective the balance between the interests of the participants in the business and its environment. The financial result is only one of the components in measuring its success.

In order to avoid conflicts of interest, we own no property and carry out no promotion or brokerage for our own account. Furthermore we receive no payment or compensation of whatever form other than that which is stipulated contractually.

The Board meets at least four times a year and closely follows the business activities. It includes independent personalities with strong skills in business management in Switzerland and abroad. Aware of the fact that a female presence within the Board would constitute a valuable input, this point is at the top of the list of improvements to be implemented.

So as to maintain the social aspects in management thinking, several shareholders wish to ask the General Assembly to inscribe in the by-laws their desire to pay 5% of the annual profit to social and charitable organisations. This proposal is currently under consideration.